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Creative Website

On the Internet, image is everything. That’s why it’s essential to have top-notch graphic design when you are launching a new business venture—images will help you capture new customers. Contact us if you want to craft a personal and standout graphic design solution. The process starts with creating a web design according to your needs and helping you achieve the best return on investment. Whether you choose to change a specific design, layout, or an entirely new website, our talented and skilled groups of web designers have all of the tools and expertise to achieve just that


Starting a new business? Not sure how to get the word out about your stellar services? You’ve come to the right place. Our highly trained team of marketing experts has executed campaigns across multiple digital channels—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more—as well as traditional channels. We will personally match you with one of our experts to ensure that their expertise is the right fit for your project.

Content Writing

Article Writing, Editing Services, Rewriting, Proofreading, eBook Editing, SEO Content, Newsletters, Cover Letters, Resume Writing/Editing, Copy Writing, White Papers, Local Content, Email Blasts, Landing Pages, Article Spinning / Marketing, News Opinion Pieces, Product Descriptions, Content Strategy Planning, Creative Writing, Biographies, Video script, Content Production Platform, Branded Content, Custom Content Writing, Compelling Topics, Guest posting and guest blogging, Theme-Based Writing, Writing Research, more

Waypoint Software

Lead Generation Software

Waypoint Software hired me as their remote front end web developer to make their website and application. Waypoint provides easy to use interface compliments a robust and sophisticated delivery engine making Waypoint Software the easiest lead management software in the industry to integrate into your business model.Our current clients consist of Data Mining Warehouses, Call Centers, and Data Brokers. Simply configure your inbound data sources and your outgoing campaigns and Waypoint Software will do the rest. Our developers have been in the Data Mining and Internet Marketing industry for over 14 years and have combined the most highly affective Data Aggregation Tools in the industry and developed Waypoint Software. You do not need any programming knowledge to use the software. GO TO WEBSITE


A freelance website for writers

Genwords hired me as their remote front end web developer to make their website and application.They believe, the key to success is to provide quality, relevant and interesting web content. It is the recipe to take advantage of social networks and attract the audience you need to your website. However, it is very difficult to create quality content. You need to find specialized editors and publishers, creating an effective editorial process and control the quality of the content produced.

Genwords is the tool for brands and media to connect with qualified editors and publishers, so that together we can create valuable content for your users.



Rehabilitation Center

They hired me as their remote front end web developer to make their website and application. Twenty two years ago, a small loan was given to a young man by his father Randolph Goldson. Mr. Goldson, who instilled a solid work ethic and unwavering determination in his son, had both the faith and foresight to know that the young boy he had raised to be a man would go on to achieve great accomplishments, but more importantly that he would change lives in the process. With the loan in hand and vote of confidence from his father, Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, then Goldson Chiropractic opened the doors to its first practice in Plantation, Florida, with the late Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Sr., excitedly at the helm.

Background Be Gone


Background Be Gone hired me as their remote front end web developer to make their website and application. They offers top quality online photo editing services to high end industries, designers, retailers, bloggers, and our customers expand each day. With competitive pricing and services, we are able to reach customers from all over the world who value true quality. Our high quality pictures allow you to beat your competitors and track in more customers. GO TO WEBSITE “][/bt_person]

Shirley Ulbrich

Shirley is Co-founder and Project Manager of DWP, which is another way of saying that she finds herself wearing a different hat at any given moment of the day. Outside of managing sales, customer service, and general operations, you can find her puttering around in the private church park she and her family manage.

Diyanshu Srivastava

Diyanshu – or Dave, if you prefer – graduated with a Master’s Degree in Design and Applied Arts in 2014, yet, had happy customers all around the world for more than six years. His skills include HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Javascript, PHP, MysQL, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and growing. His thirst for knowledge, whether it’s front end or back end web development, continues to expand as he seeks to learn and apply new skills.

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I am very easy to get a hold of. Here’s how to get in touch with me… The easiest way is through SKYPE and I’m there. I’m available for freelance work. I really want to hear about your projects. If you have a question about how we could work together, feel free to contact me at Shirley {at} shirleyulbrich {dot} com. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Please allow a couple days to respond. I’d love to chat with you.


I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Please allow a couple days to respond. You can contact me using the form just above or alternatively use one of the links below. I’m also at Google Hangouts. Text me when you get a chance. Of course, I’m Social! My Facebook page is where I share posts from my blog, newsletter, and other great resources that have been helpful and inspiring for me and I hope they’ll be useful to you too :)


I also have a personal Facebook page, but I try to keep my personal page for family and friends who don’t “get” my business posts (you all know what I mean!). For quickie shout-outs or to just say, “hey!” talk to me on Twitter. If we’ve worked together before or know each other through a professional context {frequent Tweeting and Texting counts} connect with me on LinkedIn. Get in touch with me so we can kick start your project!

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