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Hi, I am interested in a teaching position for children wishing to learn English ESL. I am proficient in writing and communicating online and enjoy dealing with children and youth in an educational setting. I have tutored children and adults in a one-to-one setting. I work well independently and am very dependable, organized, and trustworthy. I enjoy influencing others through developing strong relationships. My writing reflects an expressive, optimistic, sensory, warm, and passionate approach.

Quoted by a Client: “How Shirley Can Add Value to Your Company:

  • Captivate others with a vibrant and attractive style of communication.
  • Approachable, transparent style “open book.”
  • Intuitively understand ideas and feelings of others.
  • Strategically persuade and inspire others. Incites immediate action by keeping an eye on potential negative consequences.
  • Sensitive to the demands and expectations of others.
  • Sets high expectations and establishes the structure for others to follow through.”

English is such a predominant language and is used around the globe. It is imperative that one must be well-versed and proficient in the English language to succeed in today’s commerce. If you need a teacher who has the ability in teaching English to native, and non-native students at your school, online, I present myself for your ESL teacher position.

I am confident that I can carry a high reputation of education forward at your school with my experience and skills in helping young students learn, read, write, and speak English fluently.

My passion for the English language combined with teaching skills has helped many students as a homeschool instructor and medical foster parent. You’ll see from my resume that I have taught children in learning English and other courses. I conduct classes in such a way that holds the student’s attention, and hence always meet 100% attendance. I make the lessons fun; they are exciting, very easy to grasp, stimulating, and easy to build upon.

Furthermore, my specialty also lies in maintaining precise students’ records. This kind of administrative ability helps me to track the students’ progress and customize lessons as needed.

Since the English language is no doubt popularized around the world, I feel a student must master it to become a global citizen. I would love to further discuss this with you at your convenience. Please contact me any time you are free. Thank you for reading my application.


Homeschool Teacher / Medical Childcare Provider

Primary instructor for eight children in grades kindergarten through twelfth over a period of 22 years. Developed and implemented appropriate curricula using published ABEKA systems and others, and supplementing via self-created material. Provided children with a well-balanced structured daily program that promoted physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. Created Individualized Educational Plans and maintained records for each student.

Medical Foster Parent with over 14 years’ experience, taking in over 200 fragile infants and children. Created an environment of daily learning with an emphasis on hands-on, tactile stimulation. Promoted learning through positive reinforcement.

Provided care for multiple medical conditions ranging from requiring palliative care, cancer care, ventilator care, non-ambulatory, enteral care, and so on.

  • Developed and implemented care plans for special needs children.
  • Transported children to and from appointments for out-of-home therapy as well as delivered in-home therapy.
  • Prepared and instructed daily curriculum following a K-12 fully accredited online school supplemented by field trips, music and art activities, reading and storytelling, etc.
  • Trained in the Orton-Gillingham methodology of processing language to children with reading disabilities.
  • Taught English, Math, History, and Science including electives.
  • Evaluated student performance and providing discipline and guidance.
  • Maintained all student records, complying with all state laws and reporting procedures.
  • Administered standardized tests, chose and provided extracurricular activities.
  • Oversaw lab experiments.
  • Researched traditional and alternative education theories and methods
  • Creatively implemented both formal and progressive programs
  • Actively participated in several local homeschool groups
  • Planned, participated in, and led many group educational projects
  • Extensive Knowledge of Children’s Literature
Mar 2012 – Today
Design Web Passion, LLC
Founder and CEO, Freelance Web Designer, Copywriter, Editor
Apr 2016 – Jan 2017
Prodeck Presentation
Co-founder and Partner, Writer
May 2014 – Feb 2016
Shirley Ulbrich, Inc.
Independent Writer
Jul 1995 – Dec 1999
Sac Co Foster Parent Assn.
V.P. and Newsletter Editor
Jan 1990 – Feb 1996
California State Foster Parent Assn.
Newsletter Chair and Editor
Aug 1985 – Dec 2000
Sacramento County Dept. Family Services, CA
Special Medical Needs Foster Parent
Oct 1978 – Jun 2000

CTR Academy
(Choose the Right Homeschool)

Instructor and Vice-Principal

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